Rock 2 The Rhythm

by Just Friends

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WE DID IT BABY!! We would like to thank Dan and Ozzy of Open Door Records, our families, the cities of Dublin and Pleasanton, California. Nothing but love for all of you, you all know who you are. Rock 2 The Doogie



released August 11, 2015

Engineered and Mixed by Ryan Ellery at The Panda Studios in Fremont, California.
Additional Engineering by Sam Pura and James Trevascus
Mastered by James Trevascus in Bristol, UK



all rights reserved


Just Friends




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Track Name: Shots Fired
Always the same
You said things would never change
Track Name: Ryerson
Move in 2 my head
And out of the room with your bed
See each other soon, that’s exactly what we both said.

And I really hope you’re doing fine
With your brand new life.

Hours and hours away
I hope you are doing okay
I hope I see you someday
And all the empty space
Now that’s inside your room
Everyday it’s like one wide open wound.
Track Name: Welcome Mats
My emotions ran dry the other night
Thought I'd let you know

From the places I go
The people I see
Nothing makes sense
Not even me

Tell me me what you think about

I can't remember
Feels like my temper
is weighing me down

I'm feeling left out
Feels like I let you down
I'm sorry I let you down
I'm sorry
I let you down

Welcome mats don't mean a thing
When you're not even welcoming
Track Name: Move 2 Miami
Cuz u don’t have 2
Do anything that you don’t want 2
Do anything that you don’t have 2
Or be anywhere at all

Cuz I’m 2 much 2
Handle, not only just 4 U
But every single person I meet 2
If U need 2
U can leave 2
I won’t blame U

Take my eyes
Far away
So I can’t cry another day
And sew them shut
to hide the pain of
Who and how we are 2day

I’m sorry
I couldn’t be a stronger guy
4 U
In the end
And I’d apologize
A million times
4 U 2 be alright and just fine.
Track Name: Bad Weather II
I guess I'll go rot now
From the things I found out
Stick my head in the ground now
And I won't come out

Rain rain rain go away
Don't come back
The pain still stays haunting me
Forever you will haunt me.

i don't know what to do now
If my life moves on
Without you

And the only time
We will meet
Is when I see you in my dreams
And you’re there just holding me
Forever I will sleep for eternity
And we're there just you and me
A perfect picture of what we used to be
And I don't care if you haunt
Because that means
You'll never leave
Track Name: Graduate
I’m okay
I don’t need you today
As for yesterday
I do

Stranded in my head
Pencil or pen
Seems to be the end
Oh now what?

Waiting on something you won’t get back
Hurts more than ever 2 face the fact
That you’re gone 4 good
How did I know that you would
Pack up and graduate
Track Name: Paint
I looked on the inside
I don’t like what I find
But that’s just alright

Can I ask you
How did you get so blue?
Because I got blue
living a life without you

Colors come and go
But grays just feel so old
If colors come and go
I hope you get back 2 gold

Black and blue
Just like you
Well what am I supposed 2 do?

Rain, rain, rain
Came back 2day
Washed all my
Paint away
If roses are red
And violets are blue
Don’t forget me
Because I won’t forget you

I can’t expect anything
Please tell me that you won’t forget me
Track Name: Normal Me
Left me with something I’ll never fix
Hope you like it
Send service letters 2 my shaken heart
You know me, It won’t be very far

I didn’t cut it
I’m not that impressive
and that makes me nothing
I know that you love it
And I’m dead, so far from the normal me
And I’m done is this what it’s gonna be?
If you’ve got something 2 say
Then say it 2 my face
Your word holds no weight
No way
Track Name: Home Forever
Where are you now?
I’ve been screaming so loud
You can hear it across town
Avi’s waiting at my house
Right now.

I just miss you all the time
Seems like I can’t realize that you’re gone.

We’ll run and hide
We’ll go where they can’t find us
I’m sick of everyone telling me what I have become
Fuck them they don’t know
And fuck him you don’t know
I can’t I won’t
You’ll just have to wait till I choke.

I just miss you all the time
It’s like I can’t realize that you’re gone.
And when I finally leave my parent’s house
You just won’t even be around.

Hopefully I’m walking you home
It hurts 2 much 2 know you’re alone
Fuck them because they don’t even know
My glasses fell right off of my nose.

Hopefully I’m walking you home
It hurts 2 much 2 know you’re alone
Hope that you get better again
You were my best friend.
Track Name: Dublin, CA
Another day
On the train
It’s cold outside
It had 2 rain
And I’ll wait in line
For the 5
and somehow that’s my whole day.

My brother’s gone
And my sister’s cool
My mom is getting tired of every single thing that I do
Like coming home 2 late
forgetting to close the gate
And when the wind hits
the bang from the gate
It keeps her awake

Ben and Kent finished school
Avi will follow soon
And when Matt moves 2 the north
I don’t know what I’ll do
I guess I’ll have 2 wait
Until Brandon graduates
Until then I’ll be doing all of the things that I hate

I don’t know what to do
I guess I’ll follow suit
Dress up like somebody else and do the things that they do
I guess I’ll have 2 run
That won’t be very fun
I don’t what 2 say
I don’t know what I’ll become

That just leaves me and you
I don’t know what to do
You’re just still stuck in my head
And that’s just the very truth
I don’t know what 2 say
Whatever anyway
It’s just another day